8 Benefits of Wearing Compression Shorts

Do you often have muscle soreness after a workout? Is chafing becoming impossible to bear?

These are the consequences of exercising and doing sports - many people suffer from them without knowing how to prevent them. They want to be more comfortable when exercising.

Is there a way?

Fortunately, yes - in the shape of compression shorts.

So, what are compression shorts? Do they really work? Are there any benefits of wearing them?

Read more to find out.

What Are Compression Shorts?

You may have heard of them before but most people haven’t. Some people think that they are the same as spandex shorts.

Compression shorts are similar to spandex shorts in the sense that they are both made of stretchy material. This material will adapt and hug your body properly. But the difference is in the fact that spandex, while it does provide some pressure, doesn’t provide sufficient pressure.

However, compression shorts will give you enough pressure in your butt and thighs to prevent numerous workout problems and improve your performance. There have been numerous studies confirming that compression shorts can boost your level of performance.

They have also proven useful in the area of injury prevention. There are even more benefits to compression shorts for athletes.

1. They Can Reduce The Risk Of Your Muscles Being Sore

So, everything was fine during your workout but then you get home and the muscles in your thighs feel like they are going to burst? Well, this happens to many people. It’s a nuisance, something that ruins that great feeling you have after a workout and imminently ruin the next workout.

Some muscle soreness can be really brutal.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can get a pair of compression shorts and make all of these troubles go away.

They can prevent delayed onset soreness in your muscles and even reduce the pain from the soreness. They work well with any type of exercise that can cause you pain so wearing compression shorts is a good idea.

2. Your Muscles Will Feel Less Tired

Athletes and people that workout often can feel like their muscles are too tired to move mid-workout. This can be a serious problem, especially for someone with a set goal in front of them. For example, people who run or ride a bike can feel that their muscles are too fatigued to move further.

However, you don’t have to deal with this anymore. You can get your own compression shorts and then wear them during workouts. It has been scientifically proven that this pressure and compression helps your muscles feel less tired  and sore during your workouts.

This will give you better workout sessions or runs that last longer and are generally faster. You won’t feel that tired and unable to finish when you start wearing compression shorts.

3. Workouts Will Seem More Effortless

Not only does perceiving an effortless workout help you feel like you can take on the world - really good for your morale - but it also helps you workout better.

When in training for long races where endurance matters or training for some extreme sports, lower perceived exertion is your best  friend. It makes exercising more bearable and it gives you a boost in performance. Think about it - if it’s effortless, you can do more.

This is another area where compression shorts can seriously make a difference. In a study done by Sports Medicine, it was found that any compression garment - specifically shorts, socks or tights - can help you with this. They make your perceived exertion lower which makes any workout better.

4. Improved Blood Flow

What your muscles need to work properly is oxygen. Now, healthy lifestyle largely helps provide more oxygen to your muscles but you can always get more. Compression shorts are a great ally when it comes to this.

Research says that the compression promotes blood flow to your muscles which means that they receive more oxygen and this improves your performance.

5. You Will Have More Athletic Power

Many people want to have more power when working out. This goes for different athletes, whether you are running, riding a bike or doing a sport where you have to jump a lot.

Compression tights are helpful here too. They can give you more power during and after workout sessions, especially after events or endurance workouts.

It makes it easier to get to your maximum jumping ability. It also makes it easier to feel great after a workout, like you can still do more. This is a great thing for people who want to get back to exercising after a workout.

6. They are Comfortable

Exercise is all about being uncomfortable - right? Not necessarily.

Compression shorts will apply pressure to your thighs and your butt which means that you will be more comfortable. You will also have some more wind resistance which is always useful.

Compression shorts are also great because they eliminate that pesky chafing that can be really painful. They provide less friction than any other sports garment on the market.

What’s also great is that they won’t move around when you are working out. So, no riding up your thigh when doing sit-ups or stretching, which is great.

7. They Prevent Straining

Many athletes and people who workout frequently have faced straining at some point in the past. This is a scary situation because it hurts and it limits your athletic abilities for quite a while.

Some people are more prone to strains than others.

If you feel like these have happened very often in your past, getting a pair is a good investment in your future.

Compression shorts reduce your risks for strains, and they can even help in strain recovery if it happens. So, prevent these awful injuries and get yourself a pair of shorts that could help you and really improve your performance.

8. You’ll Recover Your Strength Faster

People often feel tired and weak after a workout. This can be really annoying, especially for professional athletes or people who train for a long time during the day. However, this can change with compression shorts.

When you wear them, they will give your muscles a faster recovery from a workout.