How to Measure for Compression Socks

If you suffer from swollen, painful legs (a medical condition known as “edema”), no matter the cause, you may be thinking about giving compression socks a try. So many people have found relief from their edema, thanks to compression socks. In order to take advantage of the benefits that they can provide, however, making sure … Read more

How Long to Wear Compression Socks for Edema?

Have you noticed that your feet, legs, and ankles are swollen, uncomfortable, and tender to the touch? If so, then it’s likely that you are retaining water in your lower extremities, a condition that is medically referred to as “edema”. There are several factors that can lead to the development of edema, and typically, this … Read more

How Long to Wear Compression Socks After Lipo

Are you thinking about getting liposuction on your legs? If so, in order to reap the benefits that this cosmetic surgery can provide, you need to make sure that you set yourself up for success. It goes without saying that selecting the right doctor is crucial, but just as important is adhering to the after … Read more

How Long Should You Wear Compression Socks?

Painful, swollen legs, varicose veins and blood clots, diabetes care management; no matter the reason, if you use compression socks, you want to make sure that you are wearing them properly in order to reap the full benefits that they can provide – and to avoid the potential risks that can be associated with improper … Read more

How Long Does It Take for Compression Socks to Work?

Do you suffer from swollen legs, ankles, and feet? If so, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Edema (the medical term for swelling) occurs when fluid gets trapped and accumulates in bodily tissues. While any part of the body can be affected, the legs, ankles, and feed are most commonly affected. This … Read more