How to Wash Compression Socks

Whether they’re mild, moderate, firm, extra-firm, or medical-grade, and no matter if they’re closed-toed, opened toed, or footless, and regardless of whether they’re ankle-, knee-, thigh- or waist-high – and whatever the reason you’re using them, you want to make sure that your compression socks stay in great shape. That means that they not only … Read more

Why Do Nurses Wear Compression Socks?

Nurses work long hours, shuffling back and forth from patient to patient, making sure that everyone’s needs are attended to, seldom finding the time to sit down and take a much-needed break. Since they spend so much time on their feet, swollen, achy legs, feet, and ankles are common ailments among nurses. Fortunately, there’s a … Read more

How Do Compression Socks Work for Swelling?

Edema, the medical term that is used to describe swelling that occurs as a result of fluid retention in the tissues of the body, is a common condition. In fact, large percentages of people experience edema at some point in their lifetime. Sometimes, the condition is temporary, and others, it is long-lasting; either way, the … Read more

Can You Wear Compression Socks to Bed?

Do you suffer from painful, swollen legs? Have you been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or are you predisposed to this condition? Have you recently suffered an injury or been diagnosed with an illness that will leave you bed-ridden for a while? Whatever the case may be, your health care provider may have recommended … Read more

Can Wearing Compression Socks Be Harmful?

Compression socks are a popular remedy for a variety of ailments that affect the legs, such as pain and swelling. They can also help to prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), treat existing DVT, and can aid in circulation problems. They’re commonly used by athletes, such as long distance runners, diabetics, individuals who … Read more

What Level Compression Socks Do I Need?

Are you suffering from painful, swollen legs? Do you spend long hours standing or sitting and you want to prevent the development of pain and swelling in your legs? Are you going to be spending a long time in bed while recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness, and you want to combat the risk … Read more

What Do Compression Socks Do For Runners?

Compression socks aren’t new; in fact, people have been wearing them for decades for a wide variety of reasons. Typically, they are worn for medical reasons – the treatment and prevention of leg pain and swelling, reduced risk of blood clots, etc. – however, in recent years, there’s a group of people who are taking … Read more

What Are The Benefits of Compression Socks?

From avoiding and preventing achy, tired legs, to preventing and reducing swelling, and even averting the development of varicose veins, blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), compression socks provide a wealth of benefits. In fact, numerous studies have confirmed that compression stockings are highly beneficial in a wide variety of individuals. If you’re thinking about … Read more

What Are Compression Socks?

Has a loved one recently suffered an illness or undergone a surgery that has left them bed-ridden? Do you suffer from chronic swelling and pain in your legs? Have you been diagnosed with a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or a clotting disorder that has increased your risk for DVT? Do you have varicose veins or … Read more

How to Put on Compression Socks

Whether the result of pregnancy, working long hours while standing on your feet, caused by an illness, or the side effect of a medication, if you suffer from swollen, painful legs, ankles, and feet, compression socks may be the solution to your discomfort. While there’s no denying that compression socks can be a highly effective … Read more